Christmas Slippers

SlippersNot a fan of the traditional slipper so I decided to make my own this year over the holidays, experimenting on a friend’s late Christmas gift first … actually that’s probably the wrong way round, I should test them on me first, but I ran out of time and hey, it’s the time for giving and there should be no time limit on that stuff (I use that excuse every year). Anyway, I’m about to start on a pair for me so perhaps I’ll finish them before I get to see my friend (ooh way too long-winded).

They’re so quick and easy to make, the only difficulty was getting slightly stiff fingers from trebling up the wool for the soles (I wanted them to be a bit sturdier) but it was worth it. I used a huge ball of Aran going cheap in the local wool shop and damn they’re cosy and warm, especially on bare toes. I think what makes them is the black sole, they seem a bit slicker than your average knitted slipper. I’m hooked, I think all my friends are going to get a pair next year, and I’m thinking of embellishing a bit by embroidering a red star or something festively appropriate on them.

I got the pattern from Sue’s Crochet & Knitting site – She also gives us this more traditional shape crocheted slipper: Again, thanks to the black sole which is heavier on this version, they’ve got a look of a skate shoe about them which is quite cool!

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  1. gerrywarner at 13:05

    I like a man of principles … but it’s no use, you won’t get a pair of slippers out of me that way.

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