Plastic shmastic

disasterIt seemed like such a good idea at the time … I keep reading about crafters re-cycling their plastic bags by cutting them into strips and either knitting or crocheting them into new bags. Great idea I thought, I’ll give it a whirl. Dug out the old crochet stick, found a pattern, off I went.

As a seasoned crafter I’m used to needing a lot of patience and paying attention to detail, suffering for my craft yada yada, but occasionally there are projects when I think life’s just too short and this is one of them. This occurred to me when my fingers were getting red raw from handling the plastic and my right hand was shaped like a rictus claw, it looked like a spat out, splatted piece of bubblegum and I’d only done about … well you can see for yourself.

So, let’s recap … it was meant to look like this:
It ended up looking like this:
And it made my finger look like this:

Recycling as part of your craftery is a very good idea, I’m behind it all the way, keep up the good work chaps … but plastic bags are just horrible, doesn’t matter how you use them. They feel nasty and the end project just isn’t satisfying (well, not when I do it anyway). Having said that, there are some interesting ideas for fusing on the ‘Craft:’ website … maybe my plastic bag days aren’t over yet …

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  1. roger at 08:40

    as your attorney, i can confirm that your plastic bag efforts were utterly crap and ugly. i am concerned, however, that this experiment hasn’t resolved our plastic bag surplus issue. i still can’t shut the cupboard door and i may just have to burn them all in the garden.

  2. Stephanie at 22:16

    I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for this item!!!!!!!!
    I understand it’s a great device for covering up sore fingers.

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