The Make Lounge

The Make Lounge

The Make Lounge

I know from my Sadler’s Wells days that Islington’s a bit of a craft mecca … the Craft Council, Loop, the Contemporary Art & Design Fair, I could go on but won’t.  So I wasn’t surprised to see a piece in the paper the other day about The Make Lounge, a cool craft place “where you can ‘meet people and make stuff,’ through evening and weekend contemporary craft workshops”.  According to the founder, Jennifer Tirtle, she needed more tactile experiences after hours of being glued to her computer in her day job as a journalist so started The Make Lounge.  The idea behind the concept is a series of short craft courses for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on lengthy evening or day courses.

The courses sound great and interesting, titles such as ‘Survival Sewing’ and ‘Knockout Knickers’ kick the dull and dusty out of craft, but also have a practical use.  They do parties too – sadly, that would be my preferred kind of hen party and I’d be sending any affianced acquaintances scurrying to the website, but most of my mates are married nowadays.

Cool website too, nice and clear, inventive header fonts …

I don’t get up to town too often at the moment but this would be worth the trip.  They do gift vouchers (*HEAVY HINT*).

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