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Watch out for that right hook

Watch out for that right hook

I know it’s a bit old hat to laugh patronisingly at kitsch and quirky images from yesteryear … but check out this kitsch and quirky vintage knitting pattern I just came across (laughs patronisingly).

Looks like a lot of thought went into setting up this mis en scene, so I’m trying to get imagine the storyboard meeting: man comes home from work, he’s been slogging at a dull 9-5 he hates.  The boss hates him, the feeling’s mutual, he feels impotent and frustrated … but he’s got dreams, he’ll fight his way out of this somehow.  He opens the door and finds a bunch of women in his living room – they are (from l to r) his sister-in-law, his sister and his wife.  This irritates him even more – he’s out earning a dollar while they sit at home chatting and knitting.  But wait, what’s this?  Darn them all, they’re wearing HIS SWEATERS!

He threatens them with a right hook – they laugh coquettishly, they’ve seen it all before, he’ll never carry out his threat.  But maybe he will this time, maybe this is just enough to push him over the edge …

Well, whatever the outcome, I figure the formidable lady on the far left would give as good as she gets so he’d better watch out.

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