Vogue Vintage bib blouse

pink elegance

it's not that I've got a thing for pink but ...

Getting very excited about my next vintage project – a blouse pattern from Vogue Knitting No.35 with ‘a deep tuck-lined bib with tiny round collar’.  I’ve had a scan through the instructions and can’t see any glaring errors, so fingers crossed shouldn’t be too complicated.  I’m tempted by the skirt (you can knit it as a dress or separates), but I’m not sure I’m ready to brave one yet … looks simple enough but the time factor could be of biblical proportions. I could start it and keep it going on in the background, but I think by the time I finish it the blouse will be faded through use!

I haven’t really got a thing for pink, but I do quite like the idea of the pale pink in the picture (although am toying with the idea of black with white trimmings) … need to do some tension square but I’m hoping that Jamieson & Smith’s jumper weight 2-ply will do the job.

Just the small matter of finishing the other vintage pattern I’m working on now … so much to do …

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