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There’s a nice short article in this month’s Yarn Forward magazine about Vintage Knitting by Susan Crawford (popular this month).  She highlights the joy and pain of knitting from vintage patterns, but makes a great point which isn’t always obvious … not only are we drawn to the fantastic, flattering designs and images, but also to “the women who knitted from them, who despite everything created beautiful clothes for themselves and their families using very limited resources and even less cash.” Well said.

I think some of us tend to have a secret heroine (or two) in our heads against whom we constantly compare ourselves – sometimes we live up to the fantasy, sometimes we fall short.  Despite our best attempts we’re human and just can’t emulate them in every single way … but if you’ve got a plucky, elegant 1940s heroine perched on a pedestal in your psyche, knitting brings you that bit closer to her.  She embodies the ‘stiff upper lip’ bravery which we associate with that era and yet still manages to look great during the most difficult of times.  Knitters of the 1940s, we salute you!

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  2. gay housden at 23:19

    Yes I whole heartedly agree we look up to women who knew how to cope with finite resources compared to people now who have been spoilt for too long with too many cheap clothes, cheap furniture and cheap food who now moan and say they won’t be able to cope with the necessary cuts. The women in the past could appreciate everything and saw the value in everything they had.

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