Knitted Winter Style

Lee Target's 1960s Knitted Hats

Lee Target's 1960s Knitted Hats

Autumn has very definitely arrived, blustering and swearing, and winter is slouching round the corner having a crafty cig, so I’ve got some rather lovely winter patterns lined up for my long dark nights trying to keep out of their way.  As well as a pair of 1940s fair isle mittens (more of which later), I’ve got my eye on some fantastic hats, including a knitted Patons ‘Svengali’ trilby.

Knitting hats and mittens is a great way of breaking up the larger, more complex and intricate pieces and I feel like I can return to a particular jumper I’m working on at the moment (14 rows to the inch, ouch) with renewed vigour.  Okay there’s an element of truth in that last statement but really I’m fooling no-one – I’m procrastinating again.  Problem is if I see a cute pattern I can’t resist I have to get going on it right away so, with one mitten down and one to go, I’m eyeing up wool for hats.

I really love the cheeky Lee Target pattern pictured above, such a great slice of late ’50s/early ’60s imagery.  So if you need a new titfer and a bit of a knitting diversion while you stay out of Winter’s way, check out Skiff’s vintage hat patterns – anyone who manages to re-create the scene of the Lee Target one, please send pictures and you’ll get a free pattern!

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