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Holstgarn Supersoft 2-ply

I came across Holstgarn Supersoft, a rather interesting-looking and reasonably-priced Danish 100% wool 2-ply, so I sent off for the shade cards and it turns out they’re rather lovely, excellent vintage shades extremely suitable for vintage knitting. Can’t remember how I discovered it but it might possibly be something to do with my ridiculous obsession with Danish crime thriller Forbrydelsen – I’m not alone in my fascination with the heroine’s minimalist approach to her wardrobe, ie: one beautiful Faroese woollen jumper. Anyway, the Holstgarn looks rather promising so I’m planning to experiment with it at some point in the future.

I’m thinking a trip to Copenhagen might be an essential part of my wool research too, you know, just to see it in the flesh before I sample it. Any excuse for a holiday eh?

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  1. Gigibird at 20:57

    Did you notice after Sarah Lund’s knife attack in an early episode when her jumper got slashed (in the blind lady’flat) has been miraculously mended….
    We are also hooked.

  2. admin at 09:45

    Yes, noticed that too! At first you could see the mend and it looked like she’d repaired it herself which was so endearing … any trace since disappeared!

  3. Marian Brown at 07:49

    I have been trying, without success, to obtain the knitting pattern for the Sarah Lund jumper from Series 1 (in English). Can you help? I cannot afford to buy the jumper.

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