Munrospun Jerkin Pack

Geek that I am, I recently bought this gorgeous 1950s Munrospun kit to knit a jerkin, complete with ‘Munrospun tweed’ for the fronts, 8oz of 3-ply ‘Morning Haze’ toning wool for sleeves, back and welt, buttons and a Munrospun label.

The kit is wonderful time capsule from the 1950s knitting boom and it’s in immaculate condition, fresh as a daisy. Munrospun was based at Restalrig in Edinburgh and as far as I can tell the company was bought out in 1956, ending up in the hands of yarn giants Coats. The rather fine-looking factory continued producing until the 1970s and now serves another purpose, inevitably being converted into¬†residential apartments.

I’m itching to see what the garment looks like when it’s knitted up, but I think I’m going to keep the pack intact – I’ve not come across one before and I think it’s rather a rare piece of knitting history. I’d love to hear from anyone else who has a similar kit …

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