Vintage Pattern of the Week

Vintage Pattern of the Week

Golden Eagle Cape knitting patternA big old Happy New Year to you all! One of my resolutions this year is to blog more, and since I’ve stopped selling off my vintage knitting pattern collection I’ve come up with a couple of regular features to hopefully entertain you all. First up I thought I’d share some of my favourite patterns with you on a weekly basis … ladies and gents, please give a big hand to ‘Vintage Pattern of the Week’.

To kick the feature into gear, I’m starting off with this stunning 1950s cape: ‘White Crepe Evening Coat’ in three sizes, issued by Golden Eagle, pattern No.1001. The materials section calls for 1lb 5oz Golden Eagle ‘Polyknit’ Crepe Wool (allow 1oz extra wool for larger size) and is knitted in stocking stitch on UK imperial No.12 needles (US No.2, metric No.2.75mm) to a tension (gauge) of 9sts and 12 rows to 1″. 1 pair of shoulder pads is also required.

The measurements are: Length: 25/25.5/26″, Bust: 34/36/38″, Sleeve Seam: 17″

It showcases many favourite vintage features: crocheted button, binding along the the 2″ hemmed lower edge and over the side and shoulder seams to firm the garment up and give it more structure, a double-thickness mandarin collar, and a crocheted loop ‘frog’ buttonhole.

Interestingly the stunning detail which makes it stand out most of all – the dazzling decoration on the shoulders and collar – doesn’t even get a mention. I love the fact that the designer had such confidence in the creative abilities of her/his audience that they left this piece de resistance to the imagination, daring you to come up with your own concoction. Either that or they just ran out of space to squeeze the ‘Making Up’ instructions onto the page … I’m going to be generous and plump for the former.

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  1. Tracy at 23:03

    That’s a lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve only just found your blog, after being your friend on Ravelry for ages!
    Well done on the book too – I’m intending to buy it :-)

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