Meet Some Friends …

Meet Some Friends …

The making of a book is a funny old process and along the way so much of yourself goes into it – in my case that included friends, pets and nearby locations! I’d like to give you a peak under the bonnet of the book so to speak.

Please allow me to introduce the cast of thousands … well, four. Step forward Faith – fashion student, part-time model … and, I’m sure she won’t mind my telling you, our ex-babysitter! She’s so gorgeous and has such a great sense of fashion that I desperately wanted her to be part of the book. You can find her occasionally helping out behind the counter in the Brighton branch of Beyond Retro, where she also gets first dibs on some great vintage fashion.

In this picture she’s wearing a ‘jumper-cardigan’ knitted from a 1940s pattern by Anne Finch who runs the High Street Retro Centre in Hastings. She also sells her garments in the shop along with other great 20th century finds, so well worth a visit if you’re in those parts. Incidentally that front door behind her is mine, and the bike is my (t)rusty old Peugeot!

Next up is my good friend Samantha Stas, often seen stylishly gracing the streets of Lewes in best vintage style, and creator of wonderful handmade characters. You can buy some of her whimsical folk from her Etsy store. My personal favourites are her felt fox collars, which she also featured as a ‘how-to’ workshop in the last Christmas edition of Molly Makes.

Here’s Rebecca who kindly stepped in at the last minute to help us out and did such an amazing job that she ended up being on the cover of the Search Press edition. Luckily she’s also a pet-lover which is a bonus round our house – that innocent-looking pooch making the most of the love is Boots, our Jack Russell, who was about 7 months old at the time. He’s over a year and a half now but acts the same age. Frankly I’m surprised we got him to sit still long enough to take this shot.

Finally, here’s a slightly scarey fixed-gazed person – me. I know a lot of people say this but I’m genuinely not very good at having my photo taken. Our excellent photographer Ivan kept gently asking me if I could look slightly less cross – this was about as relaxed as I got.

This picture was taken in the wonderful Buttercup Cafe round the corner in Malling Street, Lewes, along with some of the other exterior and courtyard shots. Claire, who cooks the most delicious food, was also our cake provider for those all-important tea breaks.

So many of the detailed shots were taken in The Shop, Liz and Kevin Hillman’s eclectic antique shop (handily opposite the Buttercup), for which we’re eternally grateful. They’ve recently opened another vintage shop on Cliffe High Street, No.1 The Bridge which is just stunning – if none of these links so far have tempted you to visit Lewes, this should be the final straw! Some of Liz’s jars and accessories feature in this picture.

Many of the interior shots were also taken in my house, and it’s still strange to see a couple of familiar pieces of furniture I hold dear crop up in my book – my Dansette record player next to the sofa (which features on the cover of the Interweave edition) and my Nan’s old upright piano!

Last but definitely not least I couldn’t let this post go without a picture of my cat, The Chairman, the pink-nosed yeti who sadly left these shores at the beginning of this year. He was a tremendously affectionate, very fat, vocal kitty and is sadly missed.

So there you have it, now you know the stories behind the cast of characters I couldn’t have done without!
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  1. Melissa at 19:36

    Hi, I bought your book yesterday, and would love to know what some of the patterns shown in the book were called, or pictures of the cover and publisher details so I can look them out. I’m loving the blue jumper on the cover of the US version (I bought my copy in New Zealand).

    • admin Author at 07:15

      Hi Melissa, thanks for getting in touch. Are there any specific patterns you’re curious about? I’m going to do a quick blogpost with the names and numbers of the original patterns soon, so will post full details here – most of them are Sirdar patterns as they were kind enough to give us copyright.

      The jumper on the US cover is used as an example of how to adapt your own patterns in the second half of the book – if you go through the steps you can piece it together (the pattern for the bodice, darts, split neckline , sleeves, collar and yoke stitch pattern are all included), but it’s proving popular so I’m going to publish it as a separate pattern with different size options soon. FYI, I used Rowan Pure Wool DK.

      Hope this helps!

      All the best …

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