The Paris 1958 Look

The Paris 1958 Look

Apparently this vintage pattern supplement for a Mohair Dress (With Turtle Neck) from The Sunday Express will give you the Paris 1958 look … yes please, although maybe lose the curly accessory (sorry poodle lovers).

The dress is knitted in stocking stitch from the top down, the sleeves are worked integrally and the collar and cuffs are knitted separately.

According to my research (*cough* Wikipedia) Veronica “Vee” Papworth was a journalist and illustrator who died 21 September 1992, aged 79. She started out at the London Evening Star in 1946 as a fashion illustrator and writer and moved to the women’s pages of the Sunday Express in the 1950s where she stayed until the 1970s. Wonder if she knitted too?

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  1. Christina at 10:36

    The curly accessory is vital to the look….
    …even acknowledged by Sindy dolls where the English version of “Lunch Date” outfit (1963) has bag and diary as accessories – the French version of the outfit includes a lap dog!
    In the 1970s, (and possibly even today), you regularly saw lap dogs sitting up at dining tables in Parisian restaurants.

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