Pride & Preju-Knits

Pride & Preju-Knits

Ladies & gentlemen, I am very proud to present my latest book: Pride & Preju-Knits. Actually I should say Trixie’s latest book – she’s a right diva if she doesn’t get full recognition. ‘Pride & Preju-Knits: Twelve Genteel Knitting Projects Inspired by Jane Austen’ is out on Search Press in the UK, and Harper Collins in the US (and available to buy from my online Shop).

The book contains 12 knitted scenes from Jane Austen’s finest novels, all with accompanying story précis; while I was researching for the book I found myself falling in love with her characters and wit all over again. It’s hard not to get a little obsessed with the subjects when I’m working on these figures, and the personalities felt very real to me while I was making up the dolls. Don’t judge me.

So, let’s have a look at my favourites. No book revolving around Jane Austen would be complete without her most popular couple, Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, complete with lacework parasol, and you’ll find them gracing the cover of the book.

Also from Pride & Prejudice, here’s the wedding of Lydia Bennet and naughty Lieutenant Wickham, overseen by Mr Darcy, a piece of off-the-page action which Lizzy Bennet finds out about later and which contributes to her deepening feelings for Darcy. The Vicar of St Clements turned out to be one of my favourite figures, he has this look of utter bewilderment.


The striped Regency chair in between Mr & Mrs Bennet has a special place on my book shelves at home, I was pretty pleased with how this turned out – knew those upholstery evening classes would pay off someday.


Then we have Emma Woodhouse, one of Austen’s more feisty heroines – here she is pictured on her wedding day with her beloved Mr Knightley.


I love this next shot of the duel between Colonel Brandon and the rogue Willoughby from Sense & Sensibility. Another piece of off-the-page action which is later related by the Colonel, but it was hard to resist the idea of the knitted battling duo.


Here are Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth from Persuasion. I’m proud (and slightly bemused) to be able to add a Regency pianoforte to my knitting repertoire.


Ditto for the birdbath, dove and cat



A lot of credit goes to the excellent Art department at Rotovision: Agata and Michelle worked wonders with the backdrops and props. We’re working on another book proposal at the moment, so you never know, you might be seeing more of Trixie!


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