Pride & Preju-Knits: The Movie

Pride & Preju-Knits: The Movie

[Said in the deepest move-trailer voice] First she brought you Pride & Preju-Knits: The Book. Now, from the hand of Trixie von Purl, comes Pride & Preju-Knits: The Movie.

Well, the trailer to be more precise, all 1 minute 46 seconds of it, which doesn’t sound like very much until you consider that it’s an animation which runs at 25 frames per second … yes, not content with being ridiculously good-looking models, the cast were crying out to spread their wings and vie for the best “Actor ‘Slash’ Model” awards, so I put them to work. Eventually, after many battles with their shocking celeb behaviour (you should have seen the rider) and an unexpected feline set invasion, we ended up with this small stop motion trailer. Naturally it was shot on location at Pemberley, Darcy’s glorious country estate which helps convince Elizabeth Bennet that he just might be the one (although in this instance it did look suspiciously like my spare room, which wouldn’t convince anyone he was worth marrying).

Most kids brought up in 1970s UK have the gorgeous Oliver Postgate stop motion productions firmly imprinted upon their memory (such as Bagpuss) and the hilarious shaky animation of Roobarb and Custard. I’m no exception, so the animation is a (very) modest nod to those styles – no chromakey backgrounds for this lot, it was shot straight against a background, shadows n all.

In a previous career incarnation (of which there are many), I made animated trailers in Flash to help promote arts productions, including Sadlers Wells and other theatre performances, so I’m used to the intricacies of frame by frame animation, but I can now add another category to the maxim “Never work with children or animals … or knitted characters”. I can tell you, the next batch of characters I make will have much firmer feet.

So without further ado, I present to you Pride & Preju-Knits The (Short) Movie – do hope you like it.

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